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frequency The Snowboarder’s Journal welcomes story, art and photo contributions. frequency TSJ will consider, but assumes no responsibility for, unsolicited proposals, manuscripts and photographs. All such materials not accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope will not be returned. frequency TSJ does not accept photo contributions submitted by e-mail, telephone or internet. frequency TSJ is not responsible for unsolicited contributions or lost or damaged photo material. Funny Feelings, LLC. retains all reprint rights.


frequency TSJ photography showcases the highest quality imagery, period. We feature the newest and greatest feats on snow, as well as classic, timeless images that define every era of snowboarding’s culture. We welcome images of top pros, but are equally interested in publishing the unheralded and unknown, the in-between moments that define snowboard culture.

We seek images that speak to the soulful eccentricities of snowboarding, shots rich in context, character and feeling. Creative shots that the other publications wouldn’t run. We welcome experimentation. frequency TSJ is a creative vehicle.

    1. frequency TSJ only accepts exclusive submissions. If the images are currently under consideration by any other North American editorial title or global brand, including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, books and outdoor companies, do not send them to us. We are happy to take a look once brands or other editorial titles have made their selections. This includes current or future social media useage.

    2.All digital submissions MUST have all meta data fully embedded, including photographer name and address, contact info, athlete name, and location. If you do not include this, we will not accept your images.

    3. Digital submissions should include .jpg previews no larger than 1500 pixels on the long end and can be submitted through a web-based service such as yousendit or wetransfer. Please contact submissions - at - if you have questions. Be sure to name your folder with your name and date.

    4. The RAW file in an edited .DNG format will be required for printing. Please do not export ans jpeg or tiff then convert to dng--we need full raw data in order to print your image at the best possible quality.

    5. We will gladly accept positive film (slides), as well as B/W prints and cross-processed media. However we will only accept originals, and we will not accept any Inkjet prints.


      Send questions to submit - at -     

      All hard copy submissions, including original slides and CDs, should be sent via mail or shipping company to the respective addresses below.


      frequency TSJ welcomes queries and/or completed manuscripts that showcase snowboarding's people, places, and culture. Before submitting an idea we encourage writers to pick up a recent copy of frequency TSJ and read it carefully. Initial contact should be in the form of a query that includes the following:

      1. A brief description of the story: the angle, subjects, and location.
      2. Why our readers would be interested in your story.
      3. Where it would fit in the book (what department).
      4. Why you are qualified to write the story.
      5. Reference to any photo resources for the story.
      6. Any samples or references to previously published work.

      Please direct all queries to submit - at - or mail to the addresses below.

      Send all submissions to:

      Via USPS/Canada Post:
      frequency The Snowboarder’s Journal
      PO Box 2806
      Bellingham, WA 98227

      Via UPS or FEDEX:
      frequency The Snowboarder’s Journal
      3620 Irongate Rd. Suite 122
      Bellingham, WA 98226

      Via Email:

      submit - at -



      Fly By: Short, focused piece on people, places, innovations, and events in snowboarding.
      350-1200 words.

      Yodel: Rants and stories with a loose focus on snowboard culture. Generally a little more off-beat and entertaining than straight news pieces. 400-800 words.

      Artifact: Focused on a physical piece of snowboard history. Must be accompanied by photo of said artifact. 300-800 words.

      Rewind: Archival photo accompanied by short text. 50-150 words.

      Media Review: Review and/or discussion with author of a compelling piece of snowboard media. 400-1200 words.


      Features can run anywhere from four to 20 pages and 1200 to 4000+ words. Features should go beyond simple chronological accounts of snowboarding trips and delve into the history, culture, politics and eccentricities of the places and people featured. Features can also center on political or cultural issues, such as accessibility and development (e.g. Community Terrain Parks, Issue 6.3). They must be accompanied by photographic resources that paint an equally-compelling picture of the featured subject.

      -    12-point
      -    Arial Font
      -    1.5 Spaces
      -    One return after paragraphs, no indent
      -    AP-style punctuation
      -    Include the date, name of author, title of story, and department in the header

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