Ride Greener Films Official Teaser - "STEPS" - A Journey To End Climate Change

Ride Greener Films Official Teaser - "STEPS" - A Journey To End Climate Change

Posted by: Jennica Lowell / added: 02.22.2013 / Back to What Up

Ride Greener Films presents the teaser for their upcoming film “STEPS.” The first climate-friendly ski and snowboard film of its kind, the featured athletes and crew set out to spread awareness of global warming and get great lines while doing so. Instead of flying around the world in pursuit of snow, these guys take advantage of the endless mountains at their doorstep. Using public transportation to get from point A to B and man-powering up some of the highest peaks in the area, the Ride Greener crew strives to get the most out of each turn while leaving behind the smallest of carbon footprints.

"RIDE GREENER is an association of avid snowboarders and skiers who promote climate friendly snowboarding and skiing as well as environmentally conscious conduct in the mountains. The advancing global warming and the related negative consequences for the mountains and our sport is causing us great concern. We wish to show how, using simple means, one can minimize his CO2 footprint and stop the trend towards snow-poor winters. After all we still want to be able to enjoy the snow covered peaks for a long time to come."


STEPS - Official Teaser from coupdoeil film on Vimeo.


Posted by Sten on Feb 22nd, 2013 @ 4:45 pm


More Infos about the film on: www.stepsfilm.com

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