Adaptive Snowboarding Reinvented: Every Third Thursday Raising the Bar

Adaptive Snowboarding Reinvented: Every Third Thursday Raising the Bar

Posted by: Jennica Lowell / added: 09.20.2012 / Back to What Up

Twelve years ago a tragic half pipe injury left professional snowboarder Tim Ostler paralyzed from the chest down. As the years pass, friends and fellow snowboarders have become even more determined to help get him strapped in again and sharing in the sport we all love. Teaming up with the crew at Crankbrothers, Dave Lee and Signal Snowboards come up with a new snowboard/mountain bike hybrid that gives Ostler, as well as many others, a chance to achieve the dream of snowboarding again.

Tim's story is the latest featured episode of “Every Third Thursday,” a ten-part online series showcasing the unconventional snowboards created by former professional snowboarder, Dave Lee and the rest of the Signal Snowboards team. Join in their effort to give the opportunity to thousands of people using a wheelchair every day to be able to get outside in the mountains and enjoy the thrills of their latest invention.


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