Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

Only 27 years old, Jason Robinson has spent fifteen years in and out of the snowboard game. At age 12 he was sharing a Mammoth, CA condo with Matt Kass—by his late teens he had escaped to hang with the Lemurians in Mt Shasta, before his brother Aaron inspired him to return to the snowboard world. Now back to his roots in Kalispell, MT, the multitalented rider weighs in on life, loss and love.

Kalispell, MT, is a small community known mostly for its world-class flyfishing and access to Glacier National Park. It’s a place where late-90s 4x4’s are the vehicle of choice, where churches outnumber gas stations, and where mid-afternoon target practice is considered wholesome family fun. And in the summer, a yellow patchwork of canola fields dominates the landscape; agriculture is still a main source of income. With the nearest reliable airport five hours away in Spokane, it’s not somewhere you would expect to find a professional snowboarder who spends nine months of his year on the road. For Jason Robinson, Kalispell is home.

Jason has taken a decidedly different approach to his riding career than most. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that at just 27 years old, he is already a 15-year veteran of the snowboard industry. At the age of 12, he left behind seventh grade in Whitefish, MT to live with Matt Kass and the Ignition Snowboards team in Mammoth, CA. But by his late teens, he had vanished to hang with the Lemurians at Mt Shasta. In the summer of 2011, despite a resurgent snowboard career driven by a ride-it-all style that earned him the opening part in Think Thank’s Ransack Rebellion, he escaped the Tahoe scene to return to his roots in northwest Montana...

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